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Do not suffer silently and alone. Let's work as a team to overcome emotional conflicts, promote positive growth, and practice healthy interpersonal relationships. We will work with you to create the Best Possible You. Complete the form below to schedule an appointment.

Please fill out the following form to schedule an appointment. Due to high demand, we will contact you as soon as one is available. Please note: some of our therapists are currently on a waitlist. If an appointment is not available, we will put you on the wait list for all preferences indicated.

Gender Assigned at Birth (for insurance purposes only)
Gender Identity
Preferred Pronouns

Due to state licensure and professional practice requirements, we can only take clients living and/or residing in the state of Massachusetts.

Do you currently live and reside in Massachesetts?
If signing up for group, are you also interested in individual counseling?
If signing up for individual counseling, would you also be interested in group counseling?
If preferred clinician is not available, do you have a second preference?
Therapist Preferences
Schedule Availability

Please Note: If planning to pay using your health insurance carrier, please be advised that most insurances will have either a deductible or co-payment. If you have any questions regarding co-payments or deductibles, please contact your insurance carrier by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

Why did you decide to seek counselng?
Do you currently have a Primary Care Physician?
Preferred Clinician
Are you currently suffering from a medical condition, illness, or injury?
Have you been hospitalized in the last 12 months?
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