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Taylor Lombard, LMHC
Assistant Clinical Director
Group Therapist

Therapeutic Groups offered:

  • Intuitive Eating Therapeutic Group

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Sometimes we feel dazed, confused, and lost. We feel as if the world is moving all around us and we are barely keeping pace. We say to ourselves, "if only I can get out of my mind, I could do more with my life". As a counselor, I believe therapy should be empowering, insightful, and fostering resilience to help navigate rough waters. I work from a strength-based and mindfulness approach to build upon a client’s resiliency and promote positive and lasting change.

I specialize in working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, severe emotional conflicts, mood, and personality disorders. I utilize various approaches including: cognitive-and-dialectical-behavioral therapies, person-centered approach, and trauma-informed techniques. By working together, we will create change.

Do not suffer silent and alone. Let's work as a team to overcome emotional conflicts, promote positive growth, and practice healthy interpersonal relationships. I work with various issues and recognize that the approach must be relevant to the problem. Whether Anxiety, Depression, or BPD, lets work as a team. Contact me for an appointment.