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Sometimes, we feel isolated and alone. We feel as though the weight of the world is crashing down on us and there is nowhere we can turn. We say to ourselves, “I am so tired of feeling like this”. As a counselor, I believe that therapy should inform, empower, and encourage resilience. My therapeutic style involves meeting the client where they are. I provide support that is empathetic, person-centered, and targeted toward helping you to traverse the many trials and tribulations of life.

I specialize in working with individuals with substance use disorders and dual diagnosis. I utilize various approaches including motivational interviewing, a person-centered approach, and trauma-informed techniques. I have worked in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Asking for help can be overwhelming. On the other hand, confronting choices daily becomes easier with support and guidance. Do not suffer silently and alone. Let's work as a team to overcome life's various challenges, promote positive growth, and practice healthy interpersonal relationships. - Visit the website to schedule an appointment




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