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Find yourself repeating similar patterns in relationships, or challenges with managing strong emotional reactions to conflict? Having difficulty with anxious thought loops, or even a desire to eat to soothe your emotional needs? Therapy is a process in which I hold up the mirror to my clients, so we can better identify your ‘blind spots’ or re-occurring patterns.  I specialize in anxiety, trauma, disordered eating, and relationship issues, but also have substantial experience with ADHD, depression, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis.

I view overall well-being through a holistic lens, where we may explore a multitude of areas that may be impacting your mental health, such as nutrition, exercise/movement, work/life balance, and spiritual life. When looking at the whole picture, we can focus on areas for growth and where you envision your life going, instead of solely focusing on deficits and/or shortcomings. When doing so, I have found there is more traction for upward mobility and action taken toward solutions, and less rumination in the ‘stuck-ness.’

I describe my style as strengths-based, warm, and integrative, utilizing humor as appropriate. I view therapy as a collaborative relationship in which we work together to find what works best for you, whether that be insight-oriented psychotherapy, skills building, or a combination of the two. I am open to feedback and tailoring my approach as needed, as I understand therapy is not ‘one-size-fits-all.’  I primarily utilize mindfulness techniques, DBT, CBT, and motivational interviewing, but can implement art therapy and spiritual perspectives upon request. Do not wait to reclaim your life.




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