Echo Bein, MS, C.A.G.S

Mental Health clinician

Sometimes, putting our thoughts, emotions, and perspectives into words can feel like an impossible task. When others tell us that we are wrong but deep down we know that we are right. We just need someone to understand. As a counselor, I have substantial experience working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, identity issues, family relationships, borderline personality disorder, Autism Spectrum disorder, ADHD, gender identity and sexuality.

I utilize a number of approaches to help clients reach their desired goals. I use a number of approaches including: Person-Centered, CBT, and Trauma-Informed practices. This combination of techniques allows me to provide highly skilled, compassionate, and results-oriented treatment.

In times of uncertainty and stress, we need someone that can focus on helping you to be the best possible you. This means having someone that is mindful and person-centered with a focus on social-justice and building strength within you.

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