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  • Participants must be 18 and older

  • Demonstrate mild Eating Disordered behaviors

  • Must have and maintain a current outpatient therapist


  • Group Day and Time: Every Tuesday 6 PM - 7 PM

  • Group Rotation: 12 session rotation with opportunity to renew membership

  • Group Location: via Google Meet

  • Joining the group: Complete the appointment request to schedule an intake*

  • Group Fee: $60 per session

Eating disorder recovery can be difficult and isolating at times. This group identifies barriers to eating disorder recovery and the approaches to overcome them. Finding connection and support from others experiencing the same struggles can be a powerful tool to discover new methods and insights to manage your behaviors. This weekly meeting is a space to explore your recovery, become empowered by supporting others, and find the strength to overcome your eating disorder.

Please Note: All members must undergo an individual intake session with the group leader to assess their appropriateness for the group.

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