Teddy Laguerre, LCSW
Mental Health Clinician

Sometimes, we feel as though the world is against us and there is nowhere we can turn. We think to ourselves, “I do not want to be a burden to anyone with my problems”. The struggles of mental health feel difficult to manage. As a therapist, I work by providing life skills, insight, guidance, and support so that you feel empowered to take the steps necessary to increase your self-awareness, and effectively meet life's challenges.

I work with individuals 18+ and my expertise includes anxiety and depression, relationships issues (including codependency), trauma, and grief. I work from a framework of foundational techniques including CBT and trauma-informed care. I offer a personalized approach tailored to individuals that build on strengths and goal attainment.

Life can throw at us many difficult challenges that can seem impossible to navigate, and it is easy to find ourselves stuck in a cycle of suffering and distress. Together, we can build skills and develop tools to make life’s obstacles seem more manageable to create a life that fosters well-being and fulfillment.