Yuan headshot.jpg

Xiaoyuan Yuan, LMHC TRack
Mental Health Clinician

I have experience working with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, difficulties in interpersonal or intimate relationships, difficult life circumstances and transitions, trauma, or cross-cultural adaptation issues. I work with children (ages 10+), teenagers, and adults in individual therapy.. 


I provide an accepting and safe space where clients can be their authentic selves and can be met with non judgment. I support clients in discovering the obstacles that hold them back, gaining insights, finding answers, developing better self-understanding and self-growth, building meaningful relationships, and achieving fulfillment in their lives..


I utilize psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy techniques and integrate theories of person-centered therapy, existential therapy, and feminist therapy in my work. I also value and consider how multicultural/social justice issues impact one’s mental health.