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The Resilient Body

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The mind and body can be interconnected to one another. If you are mentally resilient, there’s a possibility you can be physically resilient as well. You can be able to do this and live a healthy life. Opposed to that is a stress-filled life where health issues occur on a regular basis. With this course you will learn how to build up physical and mental resilience. We will break down the ways to get it done in eight sections. In addition, you will be introduced to leading knowledge and activities to challenge your current thoughts or resilience. Here’s what you will learn in The Resilient Body: A basic understanding of what resilience is and how it connects to both mind and body. The ability to build resilience from the ground up. Strengthen your body to ensure better levels of strength, endurance, and flexibility. How to fortify your mind so you are mentally resilient in the face of challenges. Bounce back from setbacks as if they were nothing. How to embrace vulnerability and use it as a strength. Handle stress without having it fog your judgment or your decision making. Sustain resilience so it becomes second nature for the rest of your life. And so much more!




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