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Healthy Boundaries

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You may feel the desire to people-please with your family, friends, and people you happen to pass on the street. Though wanting to please people is not inherently bad, people-pleasing has numerous negative effects on the people-pleaser. It sets unrealistic standards, puts self-care on the back burner, decreases self-esteem, and increases stress and anxiety. All around, this overwhelming sense to people-please is dangerous to your health and others around you. The only way to beat people-pleasing is to have intense self-discipline, self-respect, and knowledge of your inner voice. In this course, you will learn many useful tips and tools for creating, setting, and enforcing healthy boundaries. Here is what you will learn: The definition of boundaries; Why setting boundaries can be difficult; How to set boundaries; The proper motivation for setting boundaries; How to define your own boundaries; How to enforce your boundaries; How to set boundaries while dating; How to talk about boundaries with a partner; How to set boundaries in a marriage; How to set boundaries with children; How to set boundaries at work; Why you need boundaries in the workplace; How to express your boundaries to your boss; What to do when you experience pushback from your boss; How to set boundaries with yourself, including financial, health, social media, and scheduling boundaries; The three most common boundary resistance techniques;




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