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Sometimes we feel alone... although we are standing in a crowded room. Seeking relief from our ever-racing thoughts. As a therapist, I worked with individuals in outpatient, and in-home settings. I am experienced with individuals suffering from chronic mental health issues and distress. I recognize there is a harsh world that requires strong coping and resilience. I use a variety of therapeutic modalities, including DBT, CBT, and trauma-informed therapy. I also enjoy spicing sessions up with hands-on activities, as well as humor, when appropriate.

We will work as a team to unleash the power of the authentic YOU. I have worked with a variety of populations including Adults, Adolescents, and relationships. provide treatment that is both trauma-informed and person-centered. My goal is to provide you with a safe, judgment-free space, to process and overcome life’s many challenges.

Do not sit idle while life continues to pass you by. I am here to make you feel supported, validated, and understood. Most of all, I am here to help you regain your life.




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