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The BMU group provides a safe space for Men of Color. The group addresses various topics, including destigmatizing and addressing mental health challenges, life transition, sociocultural challenges among life domains, and coping. We identify key strategies and allow participants to share ideas on wellness, coping, and adjustment.

Please Note: All members must undergo an individual intake session with the group leader to assess appropriateness for the group.


  • Participants must be 21 and older

  • Participants are not required to have therapist but may be recommended to individual therapy by the group leader

  • Participants are not required to have medical diagnosis to attend

  • Participants must be located within the state of Massachusetts when attending sessions


  • Group Day and Time: Every Tuesday 7 PM - 8 PM

  • Group Location: via Google Meet

  • Group Location: via Google Meet

  • Joining the group: Complete the appointment request to schedule an intake*

  • Group Fee: $60 per session

Trauma Professional - Massachusetts


Brian Jones

I utilize approaches including Acceptance Commitment, Psychodynamic, and Motivational Interviewing Techniques. I believe therapy is solution-focused and trauma-informed. I specialize in conditions from Anxiety/Depression, to BPD and Complex Trauma. My experience includes gender identity & multicultural issues, generational differences, and more. My other skills include work with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Racial/Ethnic Identities.

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