Reimagine Mission Statement

Reimagine Counseling is dedicated to providing evidenced-based, culturally-responsive, identity-affirming, and self-actualizing care. Our mission is to serve our community with a focus on ethical-responsibility and social justice. With these core values in mind, Reimagine Counseling strives to ensure that our clients, team, and community are treated with the highest sense of agency.    

About Reimagine Counseling


Reimagine Counseling was developed on three primary principles:

  • Strength

  • Courage

  • Self-Discovery

Strength: We believe that everyone, regardless of mental health, trauma, or environmental factors, has the capacity to seek their highest potential. It is our goal to help you unlock that potential.

Courage: Expression of Race, Gender, Sexuality, Cultural, and Authentic-Self Identity requires courage. The basis of identity involves the willingness to confront mind-imposed fears and barriers to self-actualized actions.

Self-Discovery: Overcoming the barriers of mind enables us to truly find the courage and strength to truly discover who we are. Our goal is to help you challenge who you were through the exploration of self.  ​

Reimagine Counseling thrives on the notion of helping clients to both reach their ultimate potential and develop the strength to be present in the world around them. We believe growth is part of the human condition. As part of the growth process, we believe that personal identity is crucial to the physical and psychological health and wellness of all we serve. We are dedicated to providing community service that is identity representative, culturally diverse, and socially responsible for the continued progress of our clients.

Our  growing team of counselors are here and ready to assist. We utilize approaches including: Acceptance Commitment, Psychodynamic, Motivational Interviewing Techniques, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. We believe therapy is solution-focused and trauma-informed. We specialize in conditions from Anxiety/Depression to BPD and Complex Trauma and Eating Disorders. Our team is dedicated to both helping you to identify and live your best life.