Reimagine Counseling

Reimagining the future by starting with the present!

Individualized and solution-focused treatment. Appointments designed to meet client needs. We explore the core challenges of life that prevents forward progression.

Develop communication and relational conflict-resolution skills. We specialize in working with Hetero, LGBT, and Poly relationships. 

Short-term treatment that offers support during times of adjustment and stress. We offer coping skills and tools for overcoming struggle.

Gain support of your peers with the guidance of a counselor. Developing groups for stress reduction, depression, and anxiety-related disorders.


Getting Help

Do not suffer silent and alone. Let's work as a team to overcome emotional conflicts, promote positive growth, and practice healthy interpersonal relationships. We will work with you to promote the Best Possible You. Contact us at 617-302-7579 or use the link below to schedule an appointment. 

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